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Meditation With

Lydia Richards


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We all want to be happy. But TRYING to be happy—or trying to FIND happiness—will surely make you miserable!

So how can we cultivate a happy life?


In this session, we will explore the surprising science behind happiness and its implications for our lives. All faith traditions, or no tradition, are welcomed. No experience in meditation is needed. 


About these gatherings:

We begin with a visualization, then 15-minute silent meditation, followed by a brief talk by Lydia and a group discussion.



Saturday, May 20th 

TIME: 8-9am Pacific 



Ayama Yoga Studio and Healing Arts 

7020 Placer Hills Rd Meadow Vista, CA 



Passcode: Meditate

Meeting ID: 843 1367 6934


About Lydia:


Lydia is a long-time resident of the Sierra Foothills community.

She has a wide breadth of experience—from minister to mother of five—to business owner and leadership expert. The one constant in Lydia's life has been her unwavering fascination with spiritual and personal growth—for herself and for others.


Ayama Yoga and Movement Arts

17020 Placer Hills Road,

Meadow Vista CA

Tel: 530.559.7554


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