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Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.      


In February we celebrate Valentine's Day, a day to express love in many forms between couples, friends, and family.  To dive deeper into Love as a daily spiritual practice, we enter into the realm of ritual.  From this place we activate the Power of Self Love and Love for others while being witnessed in our wholeness, with every breath.


Ceremonial cacao has been used for centuries and in many cultures as a healing ally to release heavy emotions locked in the body, while activating the sacred heart center.

The word Mandala in Sanskrit means circle and is symbolic of the Universe. Mandalas are used as Spiritual awakening tools and symbols of prayer in various traditions.


Join Mariscela and Theodore to experience:


  • The gift of ceremonial cacao as a “heart-opener” ally, helping us to activate Self Love.


  • The sacredness of creating a human Mandala, representing Creation & Unity.


  • The reverence of connecting with yourself & each other in the essence of “Namaste.”


  • The alchemy of your breath as you surrender to what arises in every inhale & exhale.


  • The willingness to release heavy emotions while activating your sacred Heart.


  • The intimacy of being witnessed by another from a place of transparency.


  • The possibility to connect with your Soul family and to create heart-felt friendships.


Energy Exchange: Sliding Scale: $35 to $50

Pre-Payment and Registration is required to secure your ceremonial cacao serving.

You can pay with Cash App ( or Facebook or For PayPal, please add $2 more to enjoy your full contribution:


Essential guidelines to prepare before and after the ceremony will be emailed to you after your register!

More information with Mariscela:, 530-863-0003



• The cacao we honor is 100% Peruvian cacao, ceremonial grade, organic, and vegan.
• A cacao ceremony is a type of Shamanic Healing, but it doesn't produce "hallucinogenic" or out of body effects.
• Cacao is not sustainable for anyone with chocolate, nut, chili, or spice allergies.
• Cacao is not recommended for anyone with heart conditions or high blood pressure, as cacao increases blood flow to the brain and the heart.
• Do not take cacao if you take high doses or SSRI/anti-depressant medications and/or suffer from severe mental illness. If you're sensitive to caffeine or if pregnant (especially 1st trimester.)
• If any of the above applies to you, and "herbal tea" option can be available so you can still highly benefit from the energy of the circle and other activities!



• Please consult your Primary Physician if you have any of the following contraindications: cardiovascular disease, detached retina or glaucoma, diagnosed brain or abdomen aneurysm, epilepsy, diagnosed bipolar or schizophrenia, uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid conditions, high blood pressure and pregnancy.
• If any of the above applies to you, we invite you to stay with us and breathe through your nose the whole session.


• Women and men, 16 years and up are welcome to join us.
• Please drink plenty of water before and after taking the sacred cacao.
• We suggest nourishing yourself after the circle, by enjoying a relaxed rest of your day.
• Please arrive at 2:45 pm to get settled and start on time


Mariscela Alvarez is an Alchemy of Breath Facilitator who is committed to be herSelf through the power of breath. She dedicates her offerings to hold sacred ground for the transformation of others, free of judgment and personal agenda. Born in the highlands of Perú, she combines her Andean traditions with Native American rituals to help uncover a sense of well‐being through Shamanic Healing. Mariscela is also a Holistic Hypnotherapist and a Tai Chi and Chi Kung instructor.  Spiritual Journeys in Perú, Egypt and Nepal are also offered, including a “Soul Vision Quest” using powerful medicine plants from the Peruvian jungle. 


Theodore Upton is an Alchemy of Breath Facilitator.  He carries the Native American tradition of his Wailaki lineage, a northwestern California tribe who believed that spirits were present in all objects, inanimate as well as animate. Theodore, as his ancestors, also acknowledges that the source of the shaman’s power is his ability to communicate with the creator God and to live in harmony with nature. In the Wailaki way of being, the earth and all living things upon it were respected. Only what was needed was taken with reverence and gratitude. Theodore is a healing practitioner in the arts of Reiki, Aromatherapy, Buddhism meditation and Lineage Clearing techniques.

About Mariscela and Theodore

Ayama Yoga and Movement Arts

17020 Placer Hills Road,

Meadow Vista CA

Tel: 530.559.7554


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