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Resolve Not to Resolve–Why It's Okay to Put Off Making Resolutions

Updated: Jan 3

By Aerowenn Hunter

Tradition encourages us to set new resolutions for vigorous change and betterment of self as each January rolls around—however, how often do those January intentions come to fruition? Seldom. New Year resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, setting many up for failure, shame, and defeat. Why is this?

Winter is a time of hibernation and reflection—a time of dormancy in which our inner light warms and nurtures seeds to blossom in the spring. Winter is a time of nesting, snuggling in, recuperation. In winter, we have the opportunity to muse over what worked, and what didn't work in the past year—take stock, celebrate, forgive.

These reflections give rise to the envisioning of resolutions and allow their conception and intentional development to emerge with vigor in the spring when life is bursting forth. At that time our resolve to change, grow, commit is supported by Earth's rapturing energy.

Nature is a most powerful force, and she tells us that winter is a time of rest. Why fight her? Consider making a different kind of resolution this New Year's Day—one to honor our natural design, our innate rhythms in tandem with nature, to save the revealment of the new and renewed you for a spring emergence—when all of nature will support you.

Happy New Year, 2024


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