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Aerowenn Hunter

Embracing the aspect of "Ayama" or "expansion" has become the heart of both my personal practice and the roots from which my teaching pours forth. To practice yoga is to surrender, allowing opening and depth through a conscious letting go, over and over, while anchoring deeply to the conscious movement of the river of breath through the body. 

Sharing the practice of yoga with others is an emergence of a passion that blossomed in my life some 25 years ago. After teaching Bikram yoga for several years, I was drawn to expand my awareness of yoga to include the practices of pranayama (expansion of life force) , the shatkarmas (yogic cleansing), yoga nidra (yoga sleep, a guided, mindful mediation) and became a certified teacher in the tradition of Hatha Yoga, following the the path of ... including studying with Rama Vernon, founder of Yoga Journal and ... and Shrahda Sagar, sinyasan and owner and founder of 7 Centers School of Yoga, where I received my certification and further apprenticeships. My exploration and practice Vipasana mediation over the past 25 years, weaves itself into the classes I share with my students. More than anything, I teach through the harnessed collective energy the students bring to each class, allowing them unfold with each shared breath we take.

Attar Hunter

I was introduced to yoga by my mother at a very young age, but it wasn't until just a few years ago that yoga and meditation became a passion and a dedication for me. After having a daily practice of my own for several years,  I decided it was time to share what I had discovered, so in the fall of 2015, I attended my first "200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training" in Sedona Arizona. The following January I was invited back for a second, free 200 hour training to become a teacher in their certification programs--a valuable experience that deepened my teaching, however, I chose to teach in Northern California, the place I call home.

My goal in teaching is to bring the student past the mere physical aspects of asana and into the subtler practices of yoga. This is accomplished by a persistent shifting our awareness from the turbulence of the busy mind to the rise and fall of the natural breath and all the sensations of the body as it stretches and opens into the poses. In seated meditation and shivasana our consciousness continues to expand, and as our bodies become completely relaxed our nervous systems are permeated with sensations of true bliss. If you wish to experience this for yourself please come join me in my practice of Yoga.
Namasté 🙏🏼

Holly Baade

Power is not found by forcing ourselves, but rather by finding our Self. If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a Journey. A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where awaits your total empowerment and joyful enlightenment. Holly is your guide. She is a natural teacher of ancestral spiritual wisdom who joyfully leads others towards their own self-empowerment and inner-knowing. She serves as a guide to conscious living in right-alignment with mind, body, soul and spirit through creative freedom and seeing the beauty in all things. Holly is the founder of The Joyful Warrior Project, a service organization dedicated to facilitating a more joyful evolution for a more conscious humanity by offering programs for Positive Personal, Professional and Planetary change by opening a Portal to where spirit, lives. 

Through embodied movement practices, ancestral rites of passage, sacred storytelling and spiritual allegory, Holly paints a picture of the soul’s journey through time and invites students to travel with her into the The Shaman’s Territory. Her signature yoga class, JourneYoga is a movement meditation, a blend of beautiful and intricate vinyasa with soulful shamanic journeying designed to strengthen the body and inspire the heart. Each class is a journey towards the soul's joyful evolution and is perfect for beginning students as well as advanced yoga practitioners. In each class you will learn to feel the subtle flow of the pranic river (etheric body) and open the energetic channels to embodying the Spirit while giving strength to the body. Afterwards, enjoy haunting medicine chants and sweet invocations during extended shavasana as Holly takes up her drum.

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Ayama Yoga and Movement Arts

17020 Placer Hills Road,

Meadow Vista CA

Tel: 530.559.7554


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