A Mini Yoga & Meditation Retreat

for woman who want to feel

nourished from the inside out

With Erin Alexander


Saturday, September 18th, 9:00a-3:00p


Women, by nature, are quick to love and attend to others which can be both a blessing and a curse. Oftentimes we give so generously that we abandon our own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs and wonder why we feel depleted, resentful or unhappy. This nourishing day retreat will give you the time, space and support you need to rekindle your relationship with all parts of who you are.  Using the ancient tools of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, we'll practice befriending our bodies, understanding our emotions, cultivating a clear mind, and discovering our Divine strength. 

This mini-retreat will include interactive instruction, gentle yoga and meditation practices, journaling, and a supportive community of women.  Please bring a yoga mat, journal, water, wear comfortable clothes and plan for an hour long lunch break.

Instructor Erin Alexander will teach you:
• The research-based evidence and practices for being kind to yourself. 
• How to love yourself when you feel less than lovable.
• Strategies to develop a respectful relationship with your mind, body and spirit.
• How to create an actionable self-care treatment plan you can use daily.


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Meet Erin Alexander, 500 ERYT


Erin Alexander, spiritual mentor and therapeutic yoga instructor, is passionate about teaching actionable tools that help women connect to the divinity within and around them. Her work, based on the ancient principles of yoga and Ayurveda, integrates the tools that saved her from the destructive addictive behaviors she struggled with as a young adult. 

During her recovery, Erin found yoga which proved to be the most potent part of her healing due to its ability to calm her mind, help her feel safe in her body, and deepen her inner connection to God.  Erin’s incredible experience inspired her to leave her job as a high school English teacher and open her own studio, All Souls Yoga, in 2015.  
Erin has since studied extensively with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy and has taught in a variety of public settings including women’s shelters, cancer centers, secondary schools, and studios.  She is passionate about teaching women about their inherent worth especially as a mother of two young girls, Maple and Magdalene.  


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