For those of us challenged by limited mobility—be it due to an aging body, excess weight, joint issues such as arthritis, or even recovering from injury or surgery, chair yoga provides a path to well being through supported movement and breath, allowing us to regain strength and to garner back a healthy sense of self and purpose in life.

Chair yoga is yoga done with the support of a chair and offers many of the myriad benefits that regular yoga brings to the physical body, as well as generating a vibrant quality of life and serenity of mind and spirit. With a regular practice of chair yoga one can expect to experience improved flexibility, mobility, circulation, and digestive function; better sleep and appetite; greater relaxation; and clarity of...

Spring is a time of renewal, an emergence from the cocoon of winter. Just as we throw open the doors to air and clean our homes, we shed the cloaks of heavy winter clothing, emerging to the lengthening light of spring. Through the practice of yoga we awaken the slumber of winter to invigorate our bodies, our minds, our spirits. Deep breathing clears the cobwebs from our lungs, awakening our brains, revitalizing our blood and tissues, while deep movement generates strength in our muscles, mobility in our joints. Breath and movement combine to bring radiant, cleansing energy to the whole of the body as only yoga does.

Cleansing the body after the nurturing foods and hibernation of winter is a natural process. Like a long and luxurious stretch...

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